Penguins Get Paid!


Finally, Secret Agents will be able to get paid for doing jobs! Theres going to start being jobs in the newspaper for secret agents to do in the next newspaper and we’ll get paid 😀




Over and Out,



You guys got my site over 1,000 hits!

Thanks guys!

You Rock!

Theres gonna be a party soon!

This weekend is crowded though. Maybe next weekend.

Although, my new show debuted the other day, and I made a page thats gonna have all the shows on it!

Heres the party for the first show!

Date: Saturday, April 18th, 2009

Time: 11:00 AM PST

Server: Frozen

Room: Dock

I’ll hope to see you there!

PS: I’ll be recording!

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Sorry/Easter Egg Hunt

Sorry I havn’t posted in forever!!!!

Heres the places for the Easter Egg Hunt

1: Night Club (on the outside in the light)

2: Cove (in the bottom right hand corner)

3: Mine (hover over the cart and the egg will come)

4: Dojo Court Yard (the little redish decoration on the right side of the door)

5: The Gift Shop (inside the hat on the left wall inside)

6: Ski Lodge (in the fish bin)

7: Ski Mountain (click the top of the direction poll)

8: Beacon “click the on and off switch to turn off the light to get the egg)

the prize is pink bunny ears


also check out my new YT series!


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Rockhopper is back/Party Reminder

Hey guys!

Rockhopper returned today!


There is something weird about the Migrator though…..


Heres his items…

Rockhoppers Rare Items

Just a reminder, the party is this Sunday!

What: 500 Hits Party

Where: Frozen – Iceburg

When: Sunday March 1st, 1:00 PST

Why: To celebrate 500 hits!

Tell your friends about it!


Over and Out,

500 Hits Party!


You guys made it to 500 hits!


Our next goal is going to be 1,000

Heres the party info!

What: 500 Hits Party

Where: Frozen – Iceburg

When: Sunday March 1st, 1:00 PST

Why: To celebrate 500 hits! 😆

Thanks so much for helping get my site more popular!

Make sure to tell your friends about the party!

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Puffle Party

The Puffle Party is here!


Heres some pics

Puffle Party 1

Puffle Party 2

Puffle Party 3

Puffle Party 5

Puffle Party 5

Puffle Party 6

Puffle Party 7

Also, I finished the Pengyster48’s Blog Widget!

Check it out!

Pengyster48's Club Penguin Blog!

Its in the sidebar too!


Copy and paste this code:

<a href=””><img src=”” alt=”Pengyster48’s Club Penguin Blog!” border=”0″ /></a>


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Club Penguin Toys

Sometime soon, you’ll be able to see new 6″ limited edition penguins and 2″ mix and match figures in North American Toys’R’Us stores, North American and UK Disney stores, and the Club Penguin Online Shop


Heres a picture of the new Gary toy:

Gary Toy



Club Penguin is workin on fixing the puffle bugs too.  Be Patient!  I bought a puffle, gave it a bath, and fed it.  Logged off, came back on, and it ran away!

It was a total waste of 800 coins!



Over and Out,